Kitchen’s Crane & Equipment was established in June of 2007 and began its’ journey with the simple business philosophy of helping others.  We understand that to help our clients be successful is the greatest success that we could hope for.  Along the way we have developed strong relationships which have helped us to become one of the leading sources for cranes, strand jacks, sliding systems, hydraulic gantries, SMPTs, modular trailers, rigger’s lifts, jacking systems, rigging tools & specialty equipment suppliers in the U.S. and international marketplace. The new & used, cranes & equipment, that we offer, provide quality solutions to companies with complex rigging and diverse equipment challenges. Our clients include crane & rigging companies, general contractors, infrastructure JVs, government entities, manufacturers, port operators, engineering firms and large EPC construction groups all around the world.


Simply put, our business is built on hard work, trust and relationships spanning 25+ years in this industry. Our success is proven through repeat clients and expanded product lines that we are privileged to offer and represent. That’s why you’ll find a large selection of trusted new and used manufacturer’s products or custom manufactured equipment to meet your exact project specifications.


Kitchen’s Crane & Equipment wants to be your 1st choice when searching for heavy-lift and heavy-transport equipment solutions, so we’ll work hard to earn your business. We also offer rigging equipment and tools for the everyday rigger so check out our “Supplies” page to learn more about various tools designed to meet any lifting, moving and setting application.


Kitchen’s Crane & Equipment will provide you with what you need, when you need it and at a fair market value.  Thank you for connecting with us online and visit us often to learn about our latest equipment offerings!


If we can be of assistance in any way, please feel free to contact us at or text me directly at 1-804-814-4844.